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How to Earn MORE Diamonds and Coins

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:38 pm
by Admin
The following are methods through which you can earn the maximum of free Diamonds and Coins each day:

1. Make sure you open the game daily to CLAIM the Daily Login Bonus

2. Level-UP - keep playing and earning experience (XP) until you level-up and you will receive free diamonds every time.

3. Tap on the Free Diamond Button on the World Map screen to watch 1 short video and receive your free diamond (3 times a day)

4. Make sure to Claim all the Unlocked Restaurants Revenues hourly

5. Beat your Friends Scores at Chef on the Go and Master Chef to earn free diamonds

6. Complete Achievements to earn many Diamonds and Coins

7. Share the Game on Facebook to your friends to earn free desserts which will help you increase your revenue

8. You can always gamble and try to increase your Coins and Diamonds numbers

9. Visit your Friend's Cities to steal their desserts and use as your own in your restaurants.

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